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Cherry Queen is Hungary’s most popular brand of bonbons and the market-leader among alcoholic desserts. Little wonder, too, since this confection, always ready to innovate while still respecting tradition, is more than a special object of pride in Hungary. In providing a special experience regardless of age, gender and occasion, it establishes a common understanding which includes both respect for traditions and great esteem for the recipient.

This is why Cherry Queen has become one of the Bonbonetti Group’s most successful products.

The best-known, machine-manufactured, consistently high-quality cherry liqueur chocolate received the Cherry Queen name in 1996, and since then we have been producing them based on the unchanged, original recipe, with only the wrapping being renewed, and more and more types of packaging being added.

The secret behind the extraordinary liquid cream hidden underneath the chocolate shell is that the alcoholic cherries liquify the fondant over the course of several weeks.

The process was mechanised in 1964, as a result of which, the procedure was reversed: ever since then, we first form the chocolate casing, and then the cherry and alcoholic cream are inserted into it.

… but how does the cherry get into the bonbon?

  1. Preparing the plain chocolate mass: tempering and conching
  2. Preparing the chocolate sheath: the soft plain chocolate mass is extruded into preheated moulds
  3. Preparing the sheath: after shaking and turning over the mould, a 1-mm thick layer of mass forms on the sides of the mould: this will become the brandied cherry’s casing
  4. The crispy cherry– carefully selected, pitted and soaked in alcohol – can hardly wait to meet the fondant cream and the chocolate..
  5. The cherries go first to the cherry dispenser, and from there into the chocolate shells
  6. The cream extruders dispense fondant cream onto the cherry in the shell. Owing to the cherry’s high moisture, acid and alcohol contents, the fondant takes 2-7 days to soften and liquify. This is when the cherry liqueur chocolate gets its perfect crispy-liquid quality!
  7. The bonbons, having been filled in this way, only need to be sealed: first they go through a cooling tunnel, and then the upper part of the shells is melted with an infrared lamp so that the closing layer will be able to adhere to them
  8. A special so-called closing layer mass goes into the moulds, which is dispersed uniformly by shaking
  9. The excess closing layer mass is removed with blades, and then the moulds are placed in a vertical refrigerator, where they cool to 10-12 degrees Celsius in 20 minutes
  10. The solidified bonbons are removed from the mould with extraction equipment. They resume their journey to the wrapping machine on sheets
  11. Prior to wrapping, watchful eyes and careful hands remove any damaged bonbons.
  12. Finally, the cherry liqueur chocolates reach their final form: they are wrapped in traditional gold foil and placed in decorative boxes

Our Story

With our almost 150-year expertise we know people’s taste and requirements, as we have been producing chocolate for 3 generations.

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Version 6. April 2014
Product Scope 6: Confectionary