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konyakm_61Emil Gerbeaud, the master of mixing chocolate and alcohol, was born in France, but became a legend in Hungary.  He settled down in Budapest in 1884, and revived the confectionery that is named after him still today.  The creator of cherry praline conserved unhurt, seedless sour cherry in cognac, and then dipped it into dark chocolate which resulted in the sugar and alcohol dissolving into a characteristic filling after a while.  This miracle of the crispy outside and creamy inside is a real Hungarian specialty. It has been produced in many places, it has many me-toos, but the original taste harmony, the trinity of dark chocolate, sour cherry and sweet, alcoholic filling remained inimitable.

The secret of the unique liquid cream under the chocolate cover is that the alcoholic sour cherry comes into reaction with the fondant cream, and liquefies it. As a result of the mechanized production since 1964, procedure happens in reverse order: chocolate-barrel is shaped at first, and then sour cherry and alcoholic cream are filled into it.

The most well-known, machine-made cherry praline with permanent fine quality has been called Cherry Queen since 1996.


Cherry Queen is the most popular Hungarian praline brand, the favourite alcoholic praline of Hungarians. It’s no wonder because this traditional praline that was renewed from time to time symbolises more than Hungarian pride. Disregarding of age, gender and occasion it offers a wonderful experience for everyone. As a gift, it shows respect of tradition and appreciation of the person we give it to.

 The Cherry Queen is currently available in 4 types of packaging.

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  International Food Standard (IFS)
Version 6.1 November 2017
Product Scope 6: Confectionary