Company news » Guiness record-size giant Christmas candy in Bonbonetti Factory

Bonbonetti Group, Hungary’s chocolate factory with the highest capacity, produced the world’s biggest Christmas candy in order to draw attention to the importance of real chocolate and high nutrition value materials that mean quality in case of Christmas candies, too.

Giant Christmas candy weighted more than 200 kilograms that would total up to 20.000 normal Christmas candies.  It was 3 metres long that would nicely decorate a 60 metres tall Christmas tree.

By producing the biggest Christmas candy in the world, the ultimate significant Hungarian chocolate factory found out an unusual method in order to point out the quality of Christmas candies. After many weeks of labour company employees working on this project successfully formed a marzipan mass that was dipped into dark chocolate, then wrapped into silver foil and tissue paper fringed on both ends according to traditional wrapping.  The final sweet’s weight was more than 200 kilograms, and its length – 3 metres, so it could only be moved by a fork-lift trailer for the authentication of the record. The giant Christmas candy was 20.000 times heavier than the standard size one, so if you wanted to hang it on a Christmas tree, you had better choosing a minimum 60 metres tall tree.  Of course, it didn’t happen, because the company offered the delicacy for charity in order to please many poor children on the eve of the feast of love.

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