Company news » MagyarBrands rewarded Bonbonetti brands again in 2011

The traditional brands ‘tibi’, Bonbonetti, Francia Dragee and Dunakavics of Hungary’s most significant confectionary producer Bonbonetti Group were rewarded by MagyarBrands this year, too.

MagyarBrands rewards the Hungarian brands that represent the Hungarian enterprises in our country and abroad, too on basis of measurable criteria (tradition, management, employment, ownership) and professional review (awareness, reputation, identity).  The traditional Bonbonetti brands that are still popular nowadays were rewarded with MagyarBrands prize for the second time. After its 35th place last year ‘tibi’ chocolate was elected the 17th most prominent Hungarian brand in 2011.

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With our almost 150-year expertise we know people’s taste and requirements, as we have been producing chocolate for 3 generations.

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  International Food Standard (IFS)
Version 6.1 November 2017
Product Scope 6: Confectionary