New Bonbonetti candies!

Candy-expert Roshen Confectionery Corporation and Bonbonetti Group with almost 150-year dragée production tradition have launched Bonbonetti candies. The new Bonbonetti candy portfolio consists of 4 hard candies and 2 soft candies. Bonbonetti’s new, fruity candies are produced with concentrated juices, while jelly … Continue reading

Significant investments

Bonbonetti looks forward to significant investments. Bonbonetti becomes a European brand. The last big Hungarian chocolate factory, Bonbonetti Group announced the beginning of a strategic partnership with the world’s 15th most significant confectionery company, Roshen Confectionery Corporation this spring. After having … Continue reading

Sweet Days again with Bonbonetti!

After the first successful Sweet Days Chocolate Festival organised last year, Bonbonetti Group will be waiting for chocolate fans with special programs this year, too. The visitors of the ultimate significant Hungarian chocolate factory with the longest tradition could taste … Continue reading

Roshen strategic partnership

The development of the ultimate significant Hungarian chocolate factory, Bonbonetti will be supported by a new strategic partnership. ROSHEN Confectionary Corporation that is one of the world’s most prominent confectionary companies entered into a strategic agreement with Bonbonetti Group. The … Continue reading

Our Story

With our almost 150-year expertise we know people’s taste and requirements, as we have been producing chocolate for 3 generations.

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  International Food Standard (IFS)
Version 6. April 2014
Product Scope 6: Confectionary