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Bonbonetti family consists of four main product groups. Its „founder members” were Bonbonetti wafers in 1971, followed by Bonbonetti Moments pralines in 2005.

Bonbonetti Group’s masterpieces are Bonbonita handmade praline specialties. Bonbonetti  Francia drazsé and Dunakavics  dragees evoke your childhood memories.

Bonbonetti Classic caramelized wafer roll filled with hazelnut cream in milk chocolate and special-formed Grandoletti caramelized dark chocolate wafer are the most traditional members of the product group. Portfolio has been widened with new variants and the characteristic, striped Bonstick and Roletti versions have already become well-known brand names, too.

The whole portfolio was renewed in 2008: new taste variants with cocoa cream and Elegance with hazelnut cream in dark chocolate were launched. Indulge yourself with these light delicacies which are perfect small surprises to yourself and your beloved.

Unique Bonbonetti Moments praline was launched for hazelnut and real soft creamy chocolate lovers in 2005. Under the chocolate cover filled with hazelnut, coconut or tiramisu flavoured cream you can find a whole hazelnut with crisp in the middle.

The characteristic ball shaped Bonbonita product group is made on basis of 100-year-old recipes from top quality materials.

The shapes are filled with Irish cream liquor – cooked from real cream, tiramisu, egg liqueur and Baileys flavour truffle cream, then the chocolate balls are decorated manually. They are rolled, dipped into hazelnut pieces, chocolate flake and sugar or into different kind of chocolates. We take special care of the taste harmony to create enjoyable, mild, excellent quality delicacies.

Dunakavics dragee and Francia drazsé production started in Duna Chocolate Factory in 1964. Since both have been produced on basis of the original recipe into blue and red packaging.  After privatisation of Budapest Chocolate Factory by the German Stollwerk AG at the beginning of ’90-es, dragee plant was moved into the factory’s building in Vágóhíd Street, so the well-known Dunakavics and Francia drazsé have been produced here.

Bonbonetti family has been under renewal in 2012: products’ packaging has been redesigned; portfolio has been widened with new products like Bonbonetti Marzipan bar or Bonbonetti milk chocolate praline with hazelnut & crisps.

In addition to our currently popular products, we introduced 3 new colorful dragees to the market in September of 2016. The exotic banana-flavored, the fruity-yogurt, and the caffé latte-flavored dragees are now available in our offer.

For those who prefer the traditional well-known flavors, Dunakavics and Francia drazsé are available in XXL size as well. Now you can get even more of the tasty and colorful dragees in one package.



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With our almost 150-year expertise we know people’s taste and requirements, as we have been producing chocolate for 3 generations.

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Version 6. April 2014
Product Scope 6: Confectionary